Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Assignment #2

Now heres were we separate the girls from the boys
and we all know what side you want to be on..

i want you to get rid of all that filthy man hair yuuuuucccck GET RID OF IT

You need
3 pairs of pretty panties (at least 1 thong)
2 bras
lots and lots of makeup
a wig of yourchoice
high heels
4 pairs of pantyhose
a pair of fishnets
nail polish

now heres were we get into competition..
i want creative sissys soo i want you to get an outfit which you think would make me horny..
take pics in the most feminine stature you can do and post them on your blog

i want pics of all the mentioned things and a report n your blog.

remember you aim to impress





Ok sissys im gathering intrest

now sluts so you want to know how to be my slut..

let me tell you now it wont be easy... only the kinkiest sluts will get through it..

But we all now how slutty you have to be to be reading this blog.

so here are the simple rules...

To be my slut you must complete my 1st 2 assignments to my standard

Assignment 1..

1) create a blog which includes a feminine name for yourself and links to my site
2) post a blog which tells me why you should be my slut and about yourself
3) on the same blog i want you tell me what turns you on and some pictures you like.

come on now sluts i want this done fast and report when you have it done

goood sluts